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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soursop( ma~n ca^`u ta ) Anti Cancer Herbs

Soursop Anti Cancer Herbs – Take My Leaves

By Miansa Yahya

Soursop is a kind of fruit; green, thin, and conical skinned; white and juicy meat with black sirsak Soursop Anti Cancer Herbsseeds inside. Soursop has a sour-sweetie taste. The origin of this fruit is tropical America, and now, spreads and grown in many countries.

Soursop is not only has the pleasant and delicious fruit but also has many medicinally benefits. Almost all the part of the plant believed has the powerful healers to cure various diseases such as catarrh, gallbladder problems, cough, diarrhea, fever, lumbago, leprosy, dysentery, eczema and other skin problems.

Soursop leaf is natural chemotherapy drug for cancer patients minus the side effects like as nausea, and hair loss.

Piles: Drink two times a day, every morning and evening a glass of soursop fruit extract juice.

Cancer: 10 pieces old soursop leaves, boiled with three glasses of water to stay a glass of water. Drink two times a day. Soursop anti cancer herbs can stop growth of cancer cells and kill the abnormal cells.

Prevent cancer: Eat or drink the ripe fruit juice every day without or with less sugar.

Side Effects:

No side effects, but may be different for some people.

sisrsak1 Soursop Anti Cancer Herbs
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